WordPress released Jetpack plugin for the self hosted wordpress blogs. Plugin comes with handy features like WordPress stats, Twitter widgets, support for shortcodes and Sharedaddy sharing buttons and wp.me shortlinks in just one click.

Wordpress Jetpack

WordPress comes with two options .com and .org . On wordpress.com you have to signup and create your own blog these blogs are easy to use with features like automatic upgrade and centralized access.

On the other hand using self hosted wordpress blog from .org you have to host your blog on your own wordpress hosting account. And you have to maintain your blog manually.

“Today we’re launching the first version of what’s been a dream of mine for several years now: a way to provide feature parity between WordPress.com and WordPress.org for everybody…It’s the best of both worlds, the decentralized and the centralized, the control and the convenience, the peanut butter and the chocolate.”

-WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg

If you want to start using Jetpack then go to http://jetpack.me and also read the backstory from Matt describing why Jetpack is important for WordPress.

WordPress Jetpack Features

WordPress.com Stats

Simple, concise site stats with no additional load on your server.

Twitter Widget

Display the latest updates from a Twitter user inside your theme’s widgets.

Gravatar Hovercards

Show a pop-up business card of your users’ Gravatar profiles in comments.

WP.me Shortlinks

Enable WP.me-powered shortlinks for all of your Posts and Pages for easier sharing.


The most super duper sharing tool on the interwebs. Share content with Facebook, Twitter, and many more.


Mark up your posts with the LaTeX markup language, perfect for complex mathematical equations and other über-geekery.

After the Deadline

After the Deadline helps you write better by adding spell, style, and grammar checking to WordPress.

Shortcode Embeds

Easily embed videos and more from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and SlideShare.

Last Updated December 2011