While using the wordpress the most usefull part of the wordpress blog is the comment section where we can get an interaction with the readers.We can get there feedback and suggestions. In this post i will list all popular wordpress comments plugins.

In this post  i listed all plugins related to the comments section.

WordPress Comments Plugins to improve appearance

  1. Nicer Trackbacks

    It is useful to improve the appearance of trackbacks from other blogs.

  2. Numbered Comments

    WordPress plugin to enumerate the comments in each post. Also you can show the number of comments in the post and the total comments of the blog.

  3. Comment Highlighter

    Comment Highlighter is a WordPress plugin which can be used to add different style classes to comments. There are already plugins/hacks/alterations that adds a style to all comments written by the blog owner, adds a different style to every other comment, etc. This plugin takes it a bit further.

If you know any other good wordpress comments plugins then add them using comments.