One of my favorite development areas is shopping websites. It’s a lot of fun to design those, because my clients are always looking for a customized design on their shopping website. Creating customized sites require me to start from scratch, and the creative input that I have to put in adds to the joys of designing the site. I am quite adept at Shopify, and the customizations on those sites are very satisfactorily done.

The challenge in these assignments lies in the need to adapt to the newer designs, and to provide exactly what the client needs. It is fun and tasking at the same time, but I enjoy doing it all the same. My main intention is to soup up the site to meet the clients’ standards and at the same time making it user friendly for the shoppers. The shopping cart will be designed to function very efficiently. You can add multiple similar items to the cart, where each item is shown independently. My basic knowledge of HTML helps me code quite easily, and get the basics down very quickly. Beyond that it is just a matter of souping up the site.

I also offer multiple templates for the same product, where the client has the option of choosing the template to divide his products of the same kind. These templates come in handy when you need to put up various types of the same kind of products, like shirts of similar designs and sizes etc. Adding or removing the articles from the cart will be easier for your clients, as I usually make it a click of a button. Updating the quantity to the carts will be easier, and the most and item counter will be automatically updated.

The security is completely new and advanced. I always take time out to ensure that the security of the site is well in place. The monetary transactions are all monitored, and only legitimate business deals will go through. Also any form of hacking will be detected and reported immediately.

This is a fairly new feature that just came out in 2012, and there are not many who can call themselves well versed in this field. This is where I come in, and design the sites for you instead. The service itself is user friendly which makes my job all the much easier.

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