The internet is every changing and people need to adapt to it too for their very own good.  When I started making websites for my clients, I used HTML as a runner for the variable sites that I created. But, it lagged. It lagged a lot and it has its own shortcomings. First and foremost it consumed a lot of time. I used to spend hours or sometimes days working only one website. Secondly, the requirements of the clients couldn’t be matched on the traditional HTML website. It wasn’t an easy-to-customize site! Internet came as a savior to developers and programmers like me and revolutionized the development of WordPress. WordPress isn’t any more just about blogs, but there are comprehensive, fully integrated websites developed on WordPress these days. I will help you to convert your HTML to WordPress website with latest WordPress versions and plugins.

What is WordPress?

It was developed originally only to be meant for blogging. But open source developments have furthered its usage to be used as a content management system (CMS) in the making of websites. Since its inception, HTML websites have been a thing of the past. I’ve been specializing since many years now in transforming the websites of my clients which were previously traditional HTML into WordPress sites. Also, I can deliver the results to my clients in less space of time, because no coding is required for WordPress sites and they’re all design/theme based.

Why choose WordPress over HTML sites?

Since its formation, I’ve been saddened by the underestimation of WordPress on the whole. There are many blissful advantages.

  • It saves time and money
  • If you don’t have the time to update your websites occasionally, WordPress does that automatically for you.
  • The internet loves WordPress. Firstly, it’s highly search friendly and Google friendly too. Even more highly social with the comments section.
  • You get the control of your very own websites. Themes, design, template… Change them whenever you want!
  • Extra plug-in can be attached to your website, which increases your sales and viewers to your websites.
  • Extra enhanced security in comparison to the HTML sites.

If I go on to write the pros, the list just won’t end. It has proved himself to be trustworthy and good! WordPress is the platform that I’ve been using for my clients over the years and I have excelled in it very well. What else do you want to me to say about it?

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You must be pleased by now with the services that WordPress has to offer! Write back to me with your requirements and I’ll revert soon!

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